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Private House in Faversham Kent UK

The Maltings.

St. Margaret's Church.

Bretons Manor.

Eastbury Manor.


The Cobham Lodge Hotel.

An old Theatre in Southend.

Warning to All Ghost Investigator

 I would just like to warn you of a place our team investigated on Halloween. Well should have investigated Halloween.  The investigation was to have started at about 11PM but it did not start till about 12.30AM the next morning, due to the pub landlord double booking us and not ending the second booking at the time it was supposed the end.

We had booked and paid £400 for the whole pub and rooms for the whole night, months in advance. then the landlord tells us he's now got a Halloween party going on, on the same night. He also said in another email, its ok they will be gone by 11PM, then changed it to they were going to move to the barn so that we could start our investigation with out any noise. This did not happen and the landlord had vanished for the night, no one knew where he was. When we complained and said that the people in our group wanted their money back, the barmaid tolled the DJ that he would have to finish at about 12. He was booked till 1AM, and because He did not like that, he told everyone in the pub that he had to stop because of the ghost BUSTERS.

This now meant we had paid £400 for three and a half hours and although we had booked all the rooms for the night (Which meant we had them till 10AM) we was asked to leave because the barmaid was tired. It was the most disappointing ghost investigation we have ever done. So please be warned that if you book to investigate the Chequers inn  Smarden Nr Ashford Kent you could get the same treatment. If you do book donít pay all the money upfront like we did.


                       Taken in a Graveyard in Pluckly Kent.

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