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Private House in Faversham Kent UK.


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Bretons Manor.


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The Essex and Kent Paranormal Research Society Ghost Investigation Team (sometimes referred to as Ghost Hunters) was set up in October 2004 for two reasons.

One) Our main goal is to use our professional expertise and knowledge to help people who feel they may have a ghost or spirit in their home or place of work. (Free Service)

Two)  For the sake of ghost investigating, which was inspired by the Living TV program "Most Haunted" with Yvette Fielding and Derek Acorah, and the program "Ghost Hunters The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) with Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson.  Which was before all the claims of fakery.

Haunted by a ghost or spirit?

Do you have strange things going on in your home or place of work, would you like to know what's going on and why?

You can decide on what level of confidentiality you would prefer. We can do spirit rescue and or house cleansing but only with your permission.

Although we are the Essex and Kent Paranormal Research Society, we  are willing to help people outside of these areas.

We are a very busy team of investigators and as a result we do not write up full investigation reports for our website, but if there is anything we feel needs to be shared, we will of course post it in some detail on this website. We reserve all rights to evidence gained by us.

We offer our services totally FREE, except for a good supply of Tea and Coffee for the team. But if you wanted to make a donation towards some of our costs, it would be gratefully accepted. We would not in anyway be offended if you did not or could not make a donation. 

If we are coming to your home, we do ask that there are no more than two people there besides our team, as we do not want too many people moving around while we are investigating. We would also ask that NO alcohol is consumed before or during the investigation.

The investigation would be from about 10:30pm until about 5am, in order to conduct a good investigation. We always intend to be professional. We understand and fully respect that we will be on private property at all times and all due consideration will be given, so that no damage come to any part of your property. We all have the utmost respect and promise there will be no horseplay, or any other disagreeable conduct. Only the research will be done, for the duration permitted and in the agreed areas.

If you agree to this we would also like you to notify only the appropriate people of the date and time of our investigation, so that there won't be any false alarms. We agree that we undertake this research at our own risk and understand that you are not responsible for any injury or damage to our members or our instruments, while on your property.

We agree to conduct the entire study out of view of the general public, so as not to arouse their interest. We ask that if you give your permission and if the property is large, please could you give us a current copy of your floor plans, if you have them, so that we can accurately make notes of which rooms have activity in them. If you require any other conditions to be met we will accommodate them.

The main core of the Team are,

Bill, Founder / Team Leader and Debunker.

Christina, Working Medium and Author of  "They're Only a Breath Away".

Neil, Investigator / Tech support and Debunker.

Amelia, Budding Medium and Investigator.



This is an email we received after our investigation of a private home in West Kingsdown Sevenoaks Kent UK 8th April 2016

Hi Bill
We finally got to listen to the EVPs properly today on my sisterís laptop. Christ some of them were so plain, it was weird and we found out who Albert was, he was my dad's cousin we think he come through because Albert s brother who we still see quite a lot has only got a few weeks to live.
We were really pleased to know there was nothing bad here.
You and your team are lovely helpful people. Christina and you were both right my uncle booked me in to see one his good friend who is an expert with personality disorders and I have got it, he said.
But as much as I donít like it he's going to try and give me the help I need. I did go doctors but they sent me home with more pills, till my uncle stepped in. So again I thank you both so much and we will recommend your team to others
Marie xx

This is an email we received after our investigation of a private home in Dartford Kent UK 5th March 2016

Hi Bill,

I cannot thank you all enough for taking out your valuable time to visit us last night. You all do such an amazing job and make an incredible team. We had such a lovely night with you all, we truly didn't want the night to end.
It is very reassuring to know that if there is anything then it is nothing to fear so thank you so much for everything you have done for us, it really is appreciated.
I very much look forward to hearing from you and thank you again for giving up your time for us.

Kindest regards

Message on Facebook after our investigation of a private home in Braintree Essex UK 16th January 2016

From Clare,

Firstly thank you all so much for coming to see us and for such an enjoyable and eventful night.
It was a totally reassuring that nothing was bad was here and all is all good. We was very surprised as to how much Christine and Amilia had confirm what had been going on here with us lately even though we never told them, everything was so accurate. Also we loved hearing what the spirits had to say and advice they wanted to pass on to our children. Was lovely hearing family and friends that all that came through.
Thank you again and can't wait to do another paranormal night with you guys for charity and would highly recommend you should anyone needs any paranormal investigations done. Look forward to seeing if anything was picked up on the EVPs.

Love Clare & George xx

Added bye George, Yeah you guys were brilliant thanks once again for last night we got loads of answers and now we can sleep better at night two.


This is an email we received after our investigation of a private home in Colchester Essex Saturday 27th September 2014

Hello there!
I've just received your e-mails.... Very interesting!
Firstly, thank you for coming to my house.... It was truly a great night for me, amazing! Thanks to you and your team ...Neal, Amelia and of course Christina.
I was in awe of how much work and effort and professionalism was put into the night and although nothing untoward apparently happened I was again taken aback at the evp's nothing short of gobsmacking!!
I do hope this finds you all well, and please pass on my highest regards to your team.. X
I do hope if I ever encounter anything paranormal that I can count on you all for assistance!

All the best
Kind regards
Fiona x


Message on Facebook after our investigation of a private home in Woolwich London 21st September 2014
Would like to say a massive thank you to Christina and the Essex and Kent paranormal team for last nightís paranormal vigil, Christina as always on top form and loads of validation, thank you guys for a wonderful night x
Michelle and Lisa


Email from Nick after our investigation 2nd August 2014 in South Ockendon Essex.
Many thanks for the email Bill.
It was an absolute pleasure having you all at our home and we really appreciate all the effort you put into the investigation. I am also glad that you didnít discover anything on the tapes (albeit a tad disappointed ;-) )
I will pass on the good news to my wife when I get home.

Yes, feel free to use my comment as a testimonial.

Kindest regards

This is Nick's Voice mail testimonial. please listen 

This is an email we received after investigation of a private home in Romford Essex UK. 2nd July 2014.

A big heart-warming thank you to all of the team who came to our home last night to investigate. You were all so professional, yet so approachable and friendly.
We thought we had known you for years by the time the birds started singing in the early hours and it was time for you all to leave!

I would highly recommend you to anyone who has experienced unexplainable things happening in their house. We all feel so much happier and unafraid of those who visit us from time to time. Bill, Christina, Neil and Amelia we hope to see you in the future.
Sharon and Les.


This is a text message from Fiona after our investigation of her home in Goodmays Essex on 3rd May 2014

Hi Bill, Just wanted to say thank you to you all for coming out the other night, and it was nice to meet you all. Please also thank Christina for her insight and messages she gave, and Amelia whoís in a league of her own, who will be growing spiritually in leaps and bounds. Also please say thank you to Neil from me and my son. Hopefully we will all meet again soon, we will update on the sight and look forward to see if you did pick up anything worth keeping x


This is an Email we received after helping with a charity Ghost Hunt on the  1st March 2014

Hi Bill, Christina, Neil and Amelia
We would like to thank you all so much for making our charity paranormal night on the 01/03/2014 at the Royal Gunpowder Mills a complete success.
With your knowledge, guidance and help the night was full of excitement, frights, bangs, movement and voices.
The activity we received that night was mind blowing, especially when one of the tables tipped up on its side and the other one started moving around, it was absolutely fantastic and the E.V.P recordings are phenomenal.
Christina is an amazing medium, picking up on so many things that happened at the mills over it's 300 year history and picking up on so many of the names I had with me from my research. The ghost box was great, a lot of voices picked up through them and was a wonderful validation that spirits were with us throughout the night.
The response we have got back from everyone who attended is all very positive, asking when our next night is and if your team will be with us, this is definitely something we would love as well.
You are amazing team and we are honoured to have met you and look forward to meeting and working with you all again very soon.
Also a big thank you to Amelia, we know it was her first investigation and wanted to let you know how great she was. She was very professional and a wonderful medium who's gift will grow and become very strong.
Thank you all so much
From all of us at DDRD Foundation UK xxxx

This is an email  we received after our investigation of a private home in Hornchuch Essex UK Wednesday night, 21st August 2013.

Hi Bill,
Just wanted to say how pleased we were with the investigation the other night, were so impressed about all the activity we encountered, and all the various parts of the investigation you conducted. Defiantly feeling a lot better about sleeping at night now and about any activity that occurs in general. You were all extremely helpful and lovely people and my mum and myself are both very grateful. Did you manage to catch anything on the tapes and videos? You must let us know if you did. You did us a stellar service and we would definitely recommend you to friends and other people, thank you so much!

Best wishes

Natasha + Amanda.

This is an email received after our investigation of a private home in Dover Kent UK on the 9th August 2013.

Hi bill its Sade I just want to say thank you to you and the team for coming to my house Friday it was really good and I feel as though I feel a lot better being in my house and I don't feel so scared and worried now and Christina was fantastic how she got everything right its amazing, thank you so much.
Best wishes Sade.


This is two emails we received after our investigation of a private home in Wickford Essex UK 23rd Feb 2013.

Hi Bill
I canít tell you how impressed we both were, you were all fantastic! We couldnít believe how accurate everything that was said really was, we were really grateful that you came.
Thanks again, Marie

 Hi Bill, This is Jane Marie's mum just to say thanks for coming round, i found it a really interesting experience and most enjoyable. The house seems so much quieter now my children are actually going upstairs on their own now they feel more safe. Also say a big thanks to the rest of the team you were all brilliant its made such a big difference around the house.

Thanks again, Jane.

We received this Email after we did 3 Halloween evenings at a castle in Essex, on the 29th, 30th and 31st October 2012. Due to our confidentiality agreement we can not name the castle.

Hi Bill

Many thanks for the recordings which I think I will have to listen to in a quieter environment than here. Most importantly though a huge thank you from all of us here to you and your team for making our Halloween experience so vivid for our visitors. Over 650 people found the experience, at worst, interesting and at best Ė and quite a few of them Ė life changing. The professionalism and dedication of the team was most impressive and I hope that we will be able to work together on similar projects again. Would you be prepared to repeat what you laid on at Halloween next year? We are not even at the planning stage for that yet, of course, but it would be good to know you might be available. Many thanks again for all your work and your excellent customer care skills. 

My best wishes to all


This is an extract from one of three thank you messages received on Facebook Date: 22nd August 2012


 We loved every min of having you in our house and we are so glad there where light and funny moments as i was really scared at a few points. our house does feel so different and light now. Again thank you for the time you spent with us, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Tiff and Danny


Date: 22nd July 2012

Hi Bill,
We would like to thank you and the rest of the team for coming out to us on Friday. We really appreciate the time that you gave to us and even though you all showed the utmost professionalism, we felt that we were amongst friends and your warmth and friendliness put us at ease straight away. We truly enjoyed the whole experience, especially having the opportunity to join in the process. We found it very fascinating and informative. We would highly recommend your team to anyone and are grateful for how hard you all worked to help us. We cannot wait to hear of anything that may have been picked up on your equipment. We are also on a quest to delve into the history of our neighbourhood as Christina and Keith has really sparked our curiosity. Thank you again and it is my hope that we may see you all again. We also look forward to hearing from you in regards to anything else you have found.

Best Wishes,
M and A xx

Date: 19th March 2012

Hi Bill its Dean, me and Tracey would like to thank you and everyone else involved in helping us put our mind at rest about the spirit in our house, we are happy and relaxed now, very happy, Saturday night was amazing. We would recommend you to friends and family look forward to hearing from you if you find anything else after looking at footage thanks again.

Dean and Tracey


Date: 24th February 2012

Hi team
Thank you all so much for coming to us last week, such a long way for you all to travel, especially as one of you had only just come out of hospital. I enjoyed meeting you all and canít thank you enough for what you gave to us last week. Canít believe it was a week ago tonight! Lots of love to you all xxx
Denise (Swindon School).

Date: 24th January 2012

Hi Bill
I would like to thank you and the team for coming to my home on Friday evening and staying until 4.30am Saturday morning
  I didn't know what to expect, but both me and my mum certainly wasn't expecting to be blown away with how amazing you all were and how amazing Christina was with the information she gave to us from the spirit and living world, as the night went on I didn't think it was possible to get any further in touch with the spirit world, BUT THEN came the voice equipment, to hear a spirit answers questions was breath taking and priceless
 We will never forget our experience and how professional you all are, we have highly recommended you and your team to friends and family, and shall continue to do so.
 We also feel very fortunate that Christina is back in our neck of the woods on 21st Feb at a spirit church, and we shall be there, we would be mad not too.
Love from
Jane & Carol

Date: 11th Jan 2011

Hi Bill

We just had to write to you to thank you for finding and giving us so much information when you and your team came to investigate what was going on in our home. After watching and listing to the DVDs we were amazed at the amount of activity that was going on in our home you gave us so many answers to as what was going on in our home. Christina was so amazing at what she told us ,we could take so much of what she said. You and your team [Christina, Keith and Neil] acted in such a professional way if any one had problems like we had we would not hesitate to recommend you and your team. Thank you for a mind blowing evening it was one we wont forget.


Doreen and Ron Hampshire.

Date: 27th June 2007   

To Bill

It's Matt and Michelle from Gillingham. We just wrote to say we were VERY pleased with what you done for us on the 23rd. You brought a few things to light and also brought closure for some unsolved questions. We would highly recommend you to anybody wishing to bring a paranormal investigation team into their homes.

Hi Christina,

Firstly, Thank you all so much for taking the time to come to our home. You were amazing! We never expected the whole experience to be as great as it was.
You were all so lovely and made us feel so relaxed. We feel so much more happier now that we've had our questions answered.
Once again Thank you it was a pleasure to meet you all and a night we will never forget!

Our Best wishes
Amy & Steve.


For those of you who like to listen to EVPs / Ghost Voices we think we have some very good ones on our EVP page.  Please email us and let us know what you think (please be nice).

Warning some of these EVPs and GhostBox Recordings contain very bad language







Because of the nature of the paranormal and sometimes peoples mental health we cannot offer any guarantees.

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